Caitlin Youngs, TSM

In this picture with Brian Gary and  Nashville newcomer Rachel Farley, I am wearing one of my favorite shirts. Here's the problem: Not everyone likes the shirt as much as I do.  One of my fellow employees even had the audacity to call the shirt "Ugly".

This is a very expensive Joseph & Feiss silk shirt.  I love it. It's comfortable. Is is long enough for me, which is not easy for a tall bodied man like myself.  I even like the color. Some people have called the color somewhere between pink and peach. I call it salmon.  My wife bought it for me and I think she made a good purchase.

What do you think? I have given you a couple different looks at it in different lighting to help with your decision.  Do you like it? is it ugly?  Would you wear it?  Would you buy it for your spouse?   We want to know. Please answer our web question.