It's 'Red Shirt Friday' and if you're not sure what that is, then read on my friends.

As you may have guessed already, wearing a 'red shirt' on Friday's show's support for our servicemen and servicewomen; something literally everyone can do.

I have several red shirts but my favorite is the one given to me last year by the gang at American Military Family. The only time I ever even wear this shirt is on Friday; It's sacred like that to me.

Let's face it, they are the ones making the ultimate sacrifice for our great country.  That does not mean that wives, husbands and children at home don't sacrifice either, so we'll all wear red till there is no more war/s to fight.  Isn't enough, enough already?

If you truly believe in "Red Shirt Friday" please send me your photo's so I can post them here in the 3PM hour next Friday, March 22nd.  Group shots...personal photo's, doesn't matter.  I want to see your red but you have to take the picture today, Friday, March 15th (or prove that it was today) to make next week's feed.

Email them to me at, no later than Midnight tonight, and please make sure you put names with faces.