Mornings are tough. I know that every morning at 3 am when that alarm goes off the first thing I do is swear. I then promise myself a nap even though I know I am probably lying. I have one little trick I do that I have a feeling I am not alone on...I set my bedroom clock to the wrong time.

I know that it sounds so stupid but I set my bedroom clock 15 minutes fast thinking it will help me be on time all the time. All that really happens is that I know it is 15 minutes fast so I can hit snooze two more times. I then go into the bathroom where the clock is set 5 minutes fast and wander into the kitchen where each appliance has a time that is 3 to 4 minutes different than the other, this is by accident though. I believe that my home has up to 5 different time zones at any given time. What always happens is that I end up in my car on the way to work and am always surprised at what time it really is. I know this is a messed up system but I haven't been late in nearly 20 years.

Do you set your bedroom clock to the wrong time? Be honest, I can't be alone on this one.