Life can get overwhelming sometimes. We all need that safe place to get away from it all and feel secure. Sometimes it would be nice to have a cage to climb into and protect you from the world. We need to all make sure we have that safe place in our lives. Your safe place may come in the form of a person, a place or a thing.

For many years work was my safe place but things have changed in my business world and I don't feel as safe. Home has always been safe but with a growing grandchild there it is not as safe as it once was. It is harder to get away and just be alone to breathe. I started using the bathroom as my safe place which worked great until my grandson learned to use the door knob and open it. "Hey Papa, are you pooping?" kind of takes away the safe place feel. My motorcycle is still the ultimate safe place for me. I feel like everything goes away and I am free from it all when I am riding. My wife can also be my safe place. Where I feel better just because she is there. My daughter, son, grandson and friends can have the same effect. Find your place where you can leave it all behind and use it. We all need our gates to keep the world out sometimes.