Jenny Harding, For TSM

I have to admit, my wife and I are dumpster divers. Jenny is a bigger offender than I am, but I have helped her carry stuff from the dumpster to the garage under dark of night.

We live in a townhouse in a complex near CSU, so many of our neighbors are students. Every semester students move out and when they do, many of them leave everything behind, and I mean everything. I've seen TVs, dressers, couches, lamps, vacuums, mattresses, a complete bath and body store gift basket, and even live plants.

Jenny rescued the plastic shelves, pictured on the right. We are currently using them in our basement. I helped her snag an armoire that we ended up selling for $40 at a garage sale. We also grabbed a very nice dresser that we just need to refinish and the marble stand you can see below. Even though I am not crazy about taking items from the trash, we have gotten some good stuff and it is a very "green" thing to do.

Todd Harding, TSM