After a long day at work or maybe just to celebrate the weekend you decide you want to crack open a cold one. So you go to the liquor store, and look into the cooler. Oh my goodness!!! How do you choose? Many have their favorites that they buy every time, but if you are looking to try something new, try a local brew. Seems like many folks are drinking Fort Collins craft beers. Are you?

Colorado's craft brewing industry injects $446 million into the state's economy, according to a study released Tuesday by Colorado Brewers Guild. Colorado had 139 licensed craft brewers totaling $101.8 million in income, with a $179.2 million total employment effect.

Nine of those breweries are in Fort Collins, including New Belgium Brewing Co., the largest craft brewer in Colorado and third largest in the country, behind Sierra Nevada and Boston Beer Co. Fort Collins' breweries contribute $83.2 million to the Larimer County payroll and support 938 direct jobs, according to a 2011 study by Colorado State University’s Regional Economics Institute and the Beverage Business Institute.

So the next time you are looking for a drink remember what that drink could do to our local economy, not to mention, they are pretty darn good too!