My James and I sat in the coffee shop of a grocery store in Fort Collins with the banana bin directly in front of us and we couldn't help but notice how many people buy banana's and how differently they each selected their banana's. Yes, it was kind of like when you're sitting on the porch and get caught up watching a family of ants bringing home a much larger insect. Do you buy your banana's in bunches?

banana bunches poll D Dennison

We seriously sat there for quite a while, as it was comfy and we had coffee plus hey, each other... what more could you ask for on a random middle of the week day?! We did our non-scientific study of banana buyers quietly and were sure not to take any pictures of the unknowing and possibly unwilling produce pickers (okay, so maybe one got in the shot, but as their back is turned to us they will remain anonymous). We concluded that banana's are consumed by a large demographic of people. Meaning, those buying banana's were young and older, they were men and women, alone or shopping with a presumed spouse or child. Our conclusion, all walks of people enjoy banana's and almost everyone has their own technique about how to pick them and preference on how many they buy. We did note that more produce pickers chose not to buy a bunch compared to those who picked only a few at a time.

I know it sounds crazy, but I'm curious and I'm sure that my James will be too, to find out how you pick banana's and if you buy bunches at a time.

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