You know those tests they do on rats where they electrically charge a piece of cheese and see if the rats will keep trying to grab it even though they get shocked? I so often feel that is us. We all have done this or know of people who are doing it now. They do the same thing every day and expect different results. If you are in a relationship and do the same things each day you are going to get the same reaction from you spouse. You hear people complain all the time that "nothing changes" or "she always" does this or that. There are people who go to work everyday saying "same thing, different day".

Are you doing anything to change it? In order for something different to happen or have a new result you need to do something different. If you go where you always go or do what you always do you will get what you always get. Mix it up today. You have the power to change things. Grab the wheel and control where you go. Cruise control is easy but you are missing out on the thrill of driving.