We would be lost without music. Music is our friend when we need an ear. It is our medicine when we need a pick me up. It is our heartbeat. The world would be an awful boring place without it. It is as essential as air.

If you want to really help the world and help your child at the same time...make sure you teach them to play an instrument. People who have to ability to get in front of folks and make music have a confidence and skill set that those who can't will envy and admire. There is not an adult alive today who knows how to make music who isn't grateful that their parents made them learn how to do it.


Where will the next great musicians come from? They are in our schools and in our homes right now just waiting for the guidance, inspiration and opportunity. We have been encouraging our grandchildren to sing loudly and play whatever they can find that makes music. I have heard them harping poorly on harmonicas and drumming on whatever makes noise. We have a little play piano that my grandson Zayden loves to bang out tunes on when we are on the deck. It is noise but he loves to make it. I just love to sit and watch the show. I heard my grandson Zander singing "I Believe I Can Fly" at the top of his lungs while he was peeing yesterday and it warmed my heart. If it were up to me, I would give thousands of dollars to every school in the country and enhance the music programs. It teaches children so much more than just how to make noise and read notes. It makes better people with a skill that we all wish we had. Help your kids make a beautiful noise in a world that needs more beauty.