It's a violent sport...always has been. When one becomes a part of the elite NFL injuries, serious or not, are part of the game.  It's not a matter of if you'll get hurt it's when and how bad.  Do today's players have any right to complain?

A new documentary called 'League of Denial' will be airing on the PBS network tonight even though ESPN pulled out of showing the program under pressure from the NFL. The show comes off the recent ruling for 4,500 former players on a concussion suit that was settled for about $765M late this Summer.

The show is based on a book and delves into the NFL ignoring the seriousness of their violent sport.  The NFL may very well be culpable in past years but there is no way that players within the last two decades haven't known how serious the sport can get.  Do I feel sorry for today's current players?  Honestly, no.  Do I feel sorry for the old school players, without a doubt.  The players of the 60's and 70's especially had no idea what a concussion was and back in those days, even the teams that did, didn't care.

Even though 99% of these players begged to go back into the game, the teams knew better and knew they were only damaging their players further.  But today's game is much different and if things go the way they are, it will soon resemble a completely different game.  We might even get to the point where it is just deemed to violent and we'll move to Professional Flag Football or play with Ultimate Frisbee rules.

I'm not trying to sound crass, but I have little sympathy for today's player who knows very well that his chances of being hurt are very high.  They take these chances because of the millions they are paid...they are being paid to take that chance and they know it when they sign that contract.

Professional athletes are compensated extremely well and it's up to them to save those millions for their retirement vs. fancy cars, houses and vacations. If a player spent all his money, foolishly or not, and then cries foul when he's hurt and needs long term medical care, that's his fault not the NFL. Don't complain.  Play the game...or don't.