I need your help with something. I have a weakness for those little fruit pies you see in the gas stations all the time. It started when I was a child and has continued into adulthood. I have to say it has probably been 2 years since I have had one but I am on the edge of breaking down.

For the last three days, this pie has been sitting here in the studio. I know it is not  mine but it is calling my name. I did not eat it right away because I figured it belonged to someone, namely Charley. It has now been three darn days and it is still here! How long can a fat hungry man possibly go without eating a pie that sits next to him and whispers his name? I say it's mine now and I should be able to eat it guilt free. I will do what the votes dictate. Place your vote here and help me with this pie problem. Do I eat it or let it sit?