I was cleaning house the other day when I came across a really old Christmas present my daughter Taylor gave me quite a few years back. Getting her to honor them is another story!

I bring this whole issue up because I have been trying to get my college freshman to clean up her room.  Her dresser looks like it threw up!

So I snapped this pic last week and sent it to my dear daughter.  She replied with "Ya, those expired, hahahaha."

I replied with, "hmmm, I don't see an expiration date on them?"

No response.  Sure, she was probably 6 at the time but does it matter?  Shouldn't she honor these certificates?  There is one to clean her room, take out the trash and give me a foot rub at my request.

What say you?  Please take a minute to answer the poll and I will let you know what comes of it and will even snap a pic of her "clean" room.