We have an such an interesting morning crew here at our radio stations. One of my co-workers, Todd Harding, is vehemently opposed to paying a 10 cent bag fee and threatens to stop shopping in Fort Collins if the proposed ordinance passes. Then there's oh so green Paul Wozniak who is throwing his support in favor of the bag fee. There could be a showdown between the two, and I've not decided how I feel in either direction. I like the idea of reuse and always have plenty of used bags in my truck, though I never can remember that until I'm at the checkout.

On Tuesday, the Fort Collins City Council will consider postponing the second reading of the proposed disposable bags ordinance to August 19. The reason for the postponement is to gather more public input. The item is scheduled on the Consent Agenda; the meeting will begin at 6 p.m.

The proposed ordinance would require grocers to assess a fee of 10 cents per disposable bag – either plastic or paper – and spend half of the proceeds on programs such as providing reusable bags. Merchants would retain all proceeds from the bag ordinance. Stores may elect to not charge customers on food assistance programs.

Grocery businesses operating year-round as a full-line, self-service food stores in a permanent building of 5,000 square feet or more would be affected. Excluded are farmer’s markets and other types of retail stores.

If adopted by Council on August 19, the ordinance would go into effect January 2, 2015.

The ordinance is expected to help the community achieve waste reduction and reuse and to foster new habits for shoppers to use durable, reusable bags.

City code requires that ordinances must go through two City Council readings before they become law.