As children we all loved trains. My grandfather worked on the railroad as did my father-in-law. There is something about a train that we just love but we are seeing less and less of them, unless you come to my house. My grandson Zander is in love with Thomas the Train and spends hours every day playing with his trains. What a wonderful way to spend a day. I have now been tempted to spend the money and get a real cool train set for myself, I mean to share with Zander.

If you still have a train running through the tracks of your heart, you need to get to the Greeley Freight Station Museum. What a cool place to be kid again...or an adult with a really cool hobby. You are never to old to enjoy the choo choo. I promise you when I get home today my grandson and I will be on the floor making a new track. If you have a child in your life, take a few minutes and hit the floor with them. It will do more for you than it will for them. Clear the tracks, the fun is coming through. Thank you Zander, for still playing with Grandpa.