I am starting a week long vacation and I am going to try an experiment. I am going to go the whole week without checking my email or logging onto Facebook or other social media. I am going to reconnect with the world around me without sharing all the details. I will not be letting you know that I just "ate a tasty burger" or tell you that "we are heading to the mountains" or any "see what my grandson has done" photos. I am going to selfishly spend my time privately with those who are in my presence.

We seem to have this need to report every detail of our lives instead of just enjoying them for ourselves. I see so many people at concerts or sporting events watching them through the lens of their smartphones. The world is so much bigger than an 8 inch screen. I am going to go fishing, sit on my butt, watch TV, play with my friends and family and just be.

I have had many people scoff and say that there is no way I can avoid Facebook and so forth for a week. I will have no problem with it. I feel sometimes being able to be in touch at every second of the day is more of a burden than a convenience. I love technology but am looking forward to living like a caveman with just text messaging and a telephone. Have a great week. I will talk to you when I am back on the grid.