This story came to me from Genie Mjelde this past weekend about a friend of hers with an amazing story which will come later. This story, is about getting them to the Olympics.


The Hunt For Gold, Joel Hunt Facebook

The Hunt for Gold is a blog from Joel Hunt, one of the 20 adaptive members of the ski team training in Aspen for the winter Olympics in Russia.  Half of the team is comprised of disabled military veterans who continue to serve their country; minus their arms and legs.

However, this story is about the Federal funding they no longer have and the team now needs the public's help to raise the $250,000 to cover team expenses.  There is no donation to small and I will personally be making a donation and hope you will follow my lead with a $20 or $50 donation towards their noble cause.

Of the 20 on the team, 7 of them have officially qualified for the Paralympics in Sochi Russia.  Even if there isn't enough snow. (Read that story here)

Donations are tax deductible and can be made by visiting their official website (click here) or if you prefer to speak with someone or have a question, please call Barbara Frank, AVSC Development Director at 970-205-5102.