Remember when people dug holes in their backyard to put their money in? I am thinking of going back to that form of savings. Have you taken a look at you bank statement lately and seen what you are being charged for? The days of free checking seem to be gone. I am guessing the free toaster for opening an account is long gone too.

I will never understand an ATM fee. Charging me for using my own money seems ridiculous and border line illegal. There are fees for everything from a "too many deposits" fee to a "too many withdraws fee" to a "teller fee" and "handling fee". What the heck is going on here? Where will it stop? I am afraid to ask for a pen to write my deposit slip fearing it may cost me an extra $2.50. Do I have to pay a tube rental to send my check from the car into the bank? I am waiting for the teller to say "would you like me to count that back for you? There is just a small $1.50 charge for this service.". I don't have any money to start with so please quit taking the little bit I have. Since I live a paycheck to paycheck existence I might as well just get a shovel and make a deposit hole in the yard. Hope my wife doesn't charge me a shovel rental fee.