Dierks Bentley and his family are mourning the loss of his father who passed away yesterday.

Get Dierks' tweet about it and a wonderful pic from his last moments with his dad, inside.

Dierks Bentley's father, Leon Bentley, passed away on Friday at the age of 82.

Dierks tweeted the news Saturday morning:

My dad died yesterday. it was an honor to comfort him as he left us. thank you fans for the time and understanding.

When researching this article, I came across an article about how Leon had had an incident at one of Dierks' Grand Ole Opry performances.

Along with the tweet on Saturday, Dierks also twit-pic'd this photo:


Leon wasn't a musician, but he was a hero- having served in WWII. Leon was part of the inspiration for Dierks's hit, "Home"-

Our condolences go out to Dierks and his family.