I think the most powerful way to spend a dollar is to buy million dollar dreams.
A winning $487 million Powerball ticket has been sold in New Hampshire.
Though no one has come forward yet, that someone is having a pretty
terrific day.

Here's my million (actually $2,950,000 plus $850,000 for the additional 35
acres that surround the property) dollar dream a mile up the road from my
little farmette.

6133 Olde Timnath Farms, Timnath is on my way to and from work every
day. It's very private with a gated entry, trees, and it neighbors a golf course.
I picture being there with my horses in tall grass, in the shade, tails swishing...

Thanks to Shirley Watson at Berkshire Hathaway I can get a peek at my dream
with these pictures.