We all know that Garth Brooks lit up the world with his epic smash hit "Friends in Low Places" but did you know he wasn't the only one to record it? Garth had the big hit with it but back in 1990, about when Garth was about to release it as a single, Mark Chesnutt also recorded a version of the song on his "Too Cold at Home" album.

I am a huge Mark Chesnutt fan and feel that him and Clay Walker are two of the most underrated and underappreciated country singers of our time. Mark is still at it making great country music. He has a new album appropriately titled "Tradition Lives" that is available now. It is awesome. If you love real country, you will love this one.

In case you have never heard Mark's version of "Friends..." I have included a copy of it here. It is a little different from Garth's. It doesn't have quite the same energy but still a great song. You can also check out Mark's latest single "Outta Miss Me By Now".