I had some business to take care of at the Weld County DMV today. I dressed accordingly (hat and flip flops) and headed into battle. What a mistake that was.

I decided to head down to the Greelely DMV office (2320 Reservoir Road) this morning to take care of some overdue DL issues, knowing full well it would not be a "quick trip," but what I experienced was beyond painful, and ridiculous.

Today's article could save you hours of your life...

When I punched in and got my ticket it said that my wait time was 2:14:14. Ouch! OK, grab a seat and we'll ride this out and see what happens. Now keep in mind that the place is packed and people are littered all over the sidewalk outside, milling around under the trees, etc. There are 7 stations at this DMV location staffed by four people. Three really because one person just takes pictures and does the camera stuff which leaves three bodies to staff the seven stations.

Two hours go by and I am not even close to my number but decided to wait it out since I had already committed two hours of my life. Then 11:00 rolls around and one of them heads out the door for lunch. If you have been following along with the math, that leaves two now to staff the 7 windows and in that entire third hour, not a single number was called.

Not a one, zilch, nothing...and I threw in the towel. I proceeded to the counter to ask what time they open thinking I will just hit the door line an hour before they open, and try it again.

Then she lays the bomb on me!  She asked if I knew I could make an appointment, print out the confirmation sheet and walk in like I own the place. What a fool I have been and how could I have not known this?

So, that is the moral of my story here. For the love of all things holy, make an appointment for your local DMV and save yourself a nightmare and a headache if you can't take care of your business online; like a simple renewal. I'm sure there are still some wait times but let's face it, an hour is still better than five!