MVP?  Best Comeback Player?  Pro-Bowler?  Yes to all threeeeeee.  Peyton Manning has not only overcome all odds by playing in the NFL again but has done so on a Pro-Bowl level. In fact, Denver's #18 just earned his 12th trip to the Pro Bowl as a starter.

So I am curious...where all those of you who thought Peyton Manning would never play again.  You know, those of you crying over the fact that we just acquired a 4-time MVP that many of you said (some hoped) would never last one or two games because of injury.  It's funny how many people have now jumped on the bangwagon.

Tebow the nice guy or Manning the football player?  Hmmm, tough choice.  Anyone remember my blog about all this when Denver acquired his services?

  • 377-of-544 pass attempts
  • 4,355 yards
  • 34 touchdowns
  • 11 interceptions
  • Won 10 straight games
  • Manning leads the AFC in passing yards and passer rating (103.7)
  • Earned the starting spot ahead of Tom Brady
To sum it up...I hate to say I told you so but I told you so.  Haters hate and believers believe!