I ran across an organization yesterday that I had never heard of and assumed some of you haven't either. Love Hope Strength takes music to an entirely different level.

I watch the Palladia channel a lot and I had watched an episode last year of these musicians who went to Mt Everest in 2007 to perform the worlds highest concert. Come to find out, it was Love Hope Strength doing what they do.  Basically, Love Hope Strength turn concerts and music events into lifesaving stories, literally.

So these cancer survivors, musicians and friends climbed to 18,600 feet, performed a show to raise money to help rebuild a local cancer hospital's infrastructure and then performed the Everest Rocks concert at 15,000 feet in Kathmandu. So you're thinking, "how many people did they play for?"  Try 15,000 and the 3 hours show was broadcast through multiple countries and viewed by 4 million people.

Love Hope Strength was founded in 2007 by leukemia survivors Mike Peters of The Alarm and James Chippendale.

I tell you all this in hopes it may give someone another avenue in their fight against cancer. Their main goal, instead of raising money for cancer research, is to find bone marrow donors and matches through their events.  The GET ON THE LIST program has found almost 800 matches..800 lifesaving opportunities.  Bravo and what a great way to get some results. You might be on a list in Denver but your match is in Nepal or Detroit.

They have many GET ON THE LIST events including one at Ricky B's here in Windsor on January 31st but their big event here in Colorado is Vail Rocks coming up in August. Personally, I think I am going to have to make plans for it this year.

For more information on the GET ON THE LIST program, Vail Rocks 2014 or to host a local event in your area please click the link below to be whisked away to their website.