What was supposed to be a feel good story quickly turned to tragedy when a news anchor at 9News (KUSA) in Denver was bitten in the face on air by an 85-pound Argentine Mastiff. Kyle Dyer was interviewing the dog, it’s owner, and a firefighter who rescued the dog from a frozen pond the day before. After two weeks, two surgeries, and 90 stitches total, Dyer spoke for the first time.

For two weeks, Dyer wasn’t physically able to talk after her series of reconstructive surgeries, but she can now. “I’m doing good,” she told her fellow anchor Gary Shapiro. “Not talking was so difficult for me, but I’ve become a very fast writer.”

Since the incident Dyer has received hundreds of cards, letters, emails and social media well wishes. Although mostly positive, there has been negativity too. The dog, Max, was put into quarantine by Denver Animal Control after the bite. This is standard procedure to make sure the dog is not infected by rabies or a history of biting. After completing 10 days in mandatory quarantine, Max went home on Saturday. Dyer said “I have never blamed Max. I’m glad to be home too and want to move on and to heal.”

It’s not clear when Dyer will be back on the air. She’ll spend a couple of months making her lip better, but she says she will be back for sure.