My world was thrown into disarray when I heard the news that channel 7 in Denver was dropping Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. They are going with some new trendy news shows. I am sure they have their reasons but I was terrified when I heard the news.

I am a creature of habit and every weeknight at 5 I watch the local news then I watch the national news at 530 and Jeopardy at 6. I usually text Susan and her husband Dr. Bob during the game to see how many answers they have gotten right as well. It is part of my life. I need my Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. It helps my brain stay sharp. Now channel 7 is taking that all away...but wait, there is good news. Fox 31 is picking up the two shows and will air them weeknights at 6 and 630 starting September 8th. Thank you Fox 31 for saving my social life. Jeopardy is all a guy who needs to go to bed at 7 each night has for entertainment.