Well, don't say I didn't warn you. Regular season tickets for the Denver Broncos are all sold out. We told you a little while back about tickets going on sale today and half-price tickets going on sale too, but if you didn't already buy them you're out of luck.

According to 9News, the full price tickets went on sale at 11AM and sold out in minutes today. The half price tickets went on sale at 1PM and I haven't seen anything official saying they are all gone, but I tried logging on to Ticketmaster to try for some an hour and a half ago and could not find tickets available for any regular season game. I'm assuming that means they were all scooped up already.

If you still want Broncos tickets you'll just have to hit up places like CraigsList, StubHub, or the NFL Ticket Exchange. Just be careful not to get scammed by someone selling bogus tickets. That or hope one of your football buddies got tickets and wants to bring you along.

Happy football season! (In a few months.)

Beano, TSM