December is National Tie Month. I am not a big tie wearer, in fact, I hate wearing them. I have never understood the allure of a piece of colorful fabric hanging down from your neck but if it weren't for ties, no child would know what to get dad for a present.

There a few things every man must learn at some point or another in their life. We need to be able to balance our finances, learn to change a tire, kill spiders, someday learn how to unclaspe a bra if you're lucky and of course tie a tie.

I know when I was young my dad tried to show me how to do this and I could never get it. He would tie my tie when I got one and I just left it tied for years and would loosen it and pull it over my head when I needed it. I think that 3 of the 5 ties I own were actually tied by my father 30 years ago. Every dad at some point is going to have to teach their child how to do this so if you still don't know how to tie a and save this video. You're welcome.