The most fantastic thing about country radio is family. The family that we create through common threads and respect. They say that blood is thicker than water, but when you get a group like us together, I challenge anyway to try and break our bond.Through the years I have used the 28 hours of hope as my personal forum for courage and support. And you never let me down. Initially, telling my story was a way to connect with our cause and to let you know that I understood your potential pain. As the years have progressed, my raw and unbridled story has been a way for me to exhale and take in a fresh breath of life. Your patience with me is greatly appreciated. I try not to cry or break down and if you've been with me through the past 8 years, you know, I fail every time. There are times when I start crying with my first word and other times I make it to nearly the end. Either way, please know that I am always genuine. I am not sure why I ever decided to reveal so much about myself, but I am sure that I will tell my story for as long as you will listen. It's important to me to share the life I've had because through sharing, together we all heal.

On Friday, March 11 I seemed to have a more difficult time than in the recent past while telling my tale. I have had a busy year already and have had some tough discoveries. I struggle with my past still today and see the ripples in my child as well. Many days I wish there was a reset button in life. I wish we had a dummy book for life, rearing emotionally sound children and coping with loss. Although we don't have all the tools we think we need, we have have each other. If you are going through something there is a pretty good chance someone else is too. Stand tall together and we all become stronger.

Thank you again for being there. Thank you for listening to me year after year. Thank you for your support.