I am a strong man. I have good physical strength and a strong tolerance for pain. I am also known to being very weak emotionally. I can cry at the drop of a hat. I am what you would call hyper-sensitive. I can have a hundred people smile at me and say nice things and then encounter one frown and that frown will stay with me all day. I have trouble shaking the negative. I will set and stew over why that person was frowning at me.

This is a major character flaw that can effect my life big time if I don't find ways to deal with it. I am very protective of who I let into my heart because I hurt very easily and need to have trust in who I let in. Once you are in my heart, you are stuck there forever. I ride whatever you are going through with you and feel it. Being so open with my heart can leave me open to pain but also open to so much wonderfulness. It is a double edged sword but I wouldn't have it any other way.

I am powered by happiness and it is all I strive for on a daily basis for me and the ones I love. When I go somewhere I immediately take it upon myself to try to make it a happy atmosphere. If I cannot make the mood the way I need it, I leave. I just can't be around negativity. Many people say that is running from problems or that I am weak or unrealistic. I say life is too short to dwell in the bad. There is so much good out there so why does the bad get any attention? You only get one shot at this world and I am going to do my best to make every minute I am here a fun one. Why else are we here? I find joy in helping others, making people smile, laughing, singing and dancing like a fool through this life. I am happy and I work at it. I will always be hyper-sensitive but I have found ways to win this game.