Saturday I took off on a journey to Manitou Springs to a place that makes the best Calzone in the world, yes the world. The idea was to take the back roads through Deckers and Woodland Park then down into Manitou Springs. You know what they say about the best laid plans... 

The funny part of the story is that had I checked my maps a tad better I would have figured out that most of Hwy 67 is...dirt.

Lot's of it.

What I couldn't figure out was where all the motorycycles I had seen went?  There is no way all these bikes were taking this dirt mountain pass.  So I backtracked to find out where they might have gone.

That's where this story comes into play.

I ended up taking a road called Oak Valley off Hwy 67 (the paved part). After going miles down the road I came to the end where I promptly saw the sign I have posted with this story, "Dead End."  Ya think?

So, I decided to write the fine folks of Douglas County a letter:

Dear Douglas County Road Sign People,

I recently was in Douglas county this past weekend enjoying the sights and sounds of your beautiful county when I ventured miles down a road called Oak Valley Road.

To my surprise, I reached a dead end where a sign told me it was a dead end.  Just a heads up but at this point, Stevie Wonder could have figured out it was a dead end.

Here in Weld county, we find it more beneficial to actually plant a "Dead End" sign at the beginning of the "dead end" road.

Just a thought.