Hickory Dickory Dock, the mouse ran up the clock and that's where the story get's a little fuzzy. The mouse invited some friends over and they got a little wild and suddenly the clock jumped a head an hour. They thought that it was some kind of sign from the cheese giant and from that day forward the clocks have been push a head, you don't really wanna know about the wild party that happened to cause the clocks to fall back, there may or may not have been Tequila involved.


This is my kind of face when I realize that I have been walking around all morning thinking it was one time only to find out it was another, and this Daylight Saving Time is the worse for that.... "oh, no hurry we have all day" ... Wait, what, It's not 10 am it is 11 am... what it's past bath time, wait... phew!!!! it's a stressful time this spring ahead an hour thing... kids don't want to go to bed, then they don't want to get up... here's an idea, school should run with the time change, it should start when Standard time begins and end when Daylight Saving begin and then the kids can get jobs and pay for those ipad, iphones, tablets and game systems! OH yes ten year olds can work, have you never seen an episode of "Little House on the Prairie"? Those kids worked the finger prints off their fingers and had corns on their feet by the time they were ready for their first dance.

Daylight...hmmmph! It's coming though, this Saturday at, no, not midnight, that makes too much sense, at 2am.... what? No, I don't set the clocks ahead before I go to bed, I feel robbed of sleep, I do it in the morning, afternoon or somewhere in between on Sunday. If I have to be somewhere, I mentally know that it's an hour later, but it feels like I am cheating someone by not setting them right, even if that someone is only me. I win! ha!