Football player and current 'Dancing With the Stars' contestant Hines Ward was mistakenly handcuffed by police early Thursday morning in Los Angeles, TMZ has learned.

I personally am not sure how I would take it actually.  I guess it would just all depend on the situation and what I was being mistaken for.

H.W. and the female driver were reportedly pulled over by police at around 2AM after they ran the car's plates and noticed it had been reported stolen.

As it turns out, the female driver had initially filed the report but failed to call it off when she got her car back. The result: Both Hines and the female driver were briefly cuffed by police until the incident was cleared up.  { I could make a joke here about Females and phones but I won't}

"It was an obvious mistake," Ward's rep told PEOPLE. "The police were doing their job."

Have you ever been pulled over by accident and if so, how did it turn out for you?  Can't wait to see your response.