I know this is a very controversial topic for many but I couldn't resist posting this. I love people. I love all kinds of people. Race, religion, sexual identity mean nothing to me when it comes to whether I like a person or not. I love, and am disgusted as well, by people of all walks of life equally. There is beauty and scum among all groups of people. I despise prejudice. Let people be who they are. I understand there are very strong feelings on both sides of the issue.

There is a lot of talk about Michael Sam. He is the college football player who will be entering the NFL draft this year and announced he is gay. This has never happened in the world of football before. Dallas sportscaster Dale Hansen addressed the issue in his report the other night and you may be surprised at what he had to say. I happen to agree 100% and love some of the points he makes. Watch Dale's comments here.