My son Zachariah, the eldest of the bunch, has always wanted to be a country singer. He has wanted the whole enchilada, he has made a huge leap forward with a great band and conditioning his vocals through the years. I'd say he's on the right path and I couldn't be more proud. Watch the video below and see the Zachariah Dean Band in action.

Zachariah Dean Band-YouTube

Yes the tattoo you can see does say Sissy, that's what he called Ashley. In fact the top part of his arm says Bubba, what he called Colton, like tattoos or not, his whole left arm is dedicated to his brother and sister, from the September flower (Ashley was born in September) with a funky peace sign as the center (Ashley loved peace signs), to an American Flag for our all American Colton to Peace Lily's and Colton's football number '73'. ( I couldn't help but use this picture, Zachariah sang at their funeral and they have been giving him strength since they passed-He will also sing a song he wrote and composed, it was Ashley's favorite and he played it for her all of the time, anyway he'll play if for 3Hopeful Hearts for the 6th Annual Candlelight Tribute December 8)

Please enjoy the video and thank you to Aims Community College for a great job filming and editing.

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