Seems pretty bad and it is... you will not believe what I have found out.

My Ashley explained to me that her brother, Colton, does not know what Hop Scotch is. What? She told me that she went on about childhood chalk game and he just kept shaking his head nope. He was standing there torturing me with the medicine ball at the gym when I looked at him and said how can you not know what Hop Scotch is? He shrugged his shoulders and said I don't know, you didn't teach me. HuH? Okay, so granted he is a boy and the game is most popular with girls, but still, he should know about the game so he can teach his daughters someday, right? What if he marry's a girl who doesn't know about Hop Scotch, then I will have been not only the Worlds Worst Mom, but the Worlds Worst Grandma! :( Total fail, right?!

Just to be clear... Hop Scotch is a chalk game that kids can play with other kids or by themselves. You start by drawing a pattern of rectangles and number them from 1-10 or less depending on the available space. Then you throw an object into the game "board" and hop to it and bring it back. Hop on one foot and both feet, but don't fall or touch a line. Once you have the object, I used to use a rock, then go back to the beginning of the numbered squares. Tah-Dah!

I can't believe Colton doesn't know how to play, then again my boss doesn't know how to play Chinese Jump Rope and I thought everyone knew that too. Maybe it's time to start writing a book on old school childhood games that are timeless, I could be a trillionaire!

So you say, oh D you aren't the Worlds Worst Mom for that... Wait, it gets worse... Guess what Ashley doesn't know?

Yep, May Day! We were talking last night and she was saying how she would like to see Kama again and touch her baby... Kama is a friend and co-worker, she does the 10-3 shift on 99.9 The Point and the expecting mom of twin boys. We were talking about her due date and how it was coming up within the next 4 weeks and that I had guessed in the baby pool that the boys would come on May 1st, May Day

. Ashley looks at me quite oddly and says, May Day?????

Just two hours earlier, I learned that Colton didn't know what Hop Scotch was and now Ashley doesn't know what May Day is... I said aloud, "I am a Horrible" mother! She just said Aww, Mom!

Please, really no Hop Scotch and now no May Day, do you know what May Day is? May Day dates back to the days of BC, really! It's a huge festival day with laughter and fun and celebration. It's like a spring festival, celebrating the warmer weather the blooming flowers and planting. A new beginning of light and hope. Everyone is happy on May Day. And when I was a girl, Good Golly, just saying it that way makes me sound ancient... anyway... we gave baskets of flowers to our friends and neighbors, its a little I care about you, now smile kind of gesture.

The origin of May Day does date back to many moons ago and has been a failing holiday or day of celebration in the United States for quite sometime, but it is a great day that we should all try and bring back. My Ashley says I should start this and give all of my friends a May Day basket this year.

So now you know... I am the Worlds Worst Mother because Colton doesn't know what Hop Scotch is or how to play it and Ashley was clueless to the magic of May Day!