Let's attack the elephant in the room right off the bat, this is a mind-gutter free zone. Really, can you see me talking about anything other than food?

I'm talking about meatballs... but not just your ordinary meatball, you gotta taste these balls to really get the feel of what I'm mean when I say how good these balls were. And they don't just make balls... (to be proper, I guess they are called Moinks-a local favorite)

FB Rubbin Buttz Hollow Leg Sandwich, I believe this comes with a challenge!

I am very honored to have Rubbin Buttz Barbeque in Miliken sponsor my 10:20 Double Shot each weekday morning.

And even more honored to be surprised by them delivering my lunch today (Thursday). A screaming good plate of brisket.... (see)

FB Rubbin Buttz Brisket (Delicious)

potato salad (the BEST I've ever had creamy and fantastic) and green beans made with bacon-HELLO, you're talking my language. But then there was this container, oblong-ish in size and I was curious to see what was inside....

FB Rubbin Buttz Balls or Moinks (best balls ever)

So these are meatballs... but to say that is so not even close to what they are... they are round bacon wrapped balls from Heaven, I couldn't get enough of these crazy balls, I did keep thinking of the SNL skit with Alec Baldwin every time I said anything to my co-workers about these balls, but they are so good. Apparently they wrap these balls in bacon, then they smoke the balls and finish them off in the oven with a crazy good bbq sauce-you gotta try these balls, sorry Rubbin' Buttz, these Moinks!