I used to think that I was a fairly good person, I can be hard and direct and opinionated, but I can be the complete opposite too, I thought. But my personality test pairs me with some interesting people in history. What do you think is your personality, take the test and find out, hopefully you won't find out, like me that you may have a horrible personality.

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So a friend of mine decides to post a Personality Test on Facebook and of course I took it... can I turn back time? I know that I am setting myself up to be criticized, but it's okay, I know that I am a mixed bag... I can be sensitive, tough, unapproachable, giving, selfish and I'm sure there are a million more traits that make me both proud and embarrassed. It, however, is knowing that I am all of these thing's that helps me keep the balance-most times.


On the brighter side the actor(s) matches aren't bad:

Okay, it's your turn, if you dare... take the Personality Test for yourself and if you are brave, leave a comment and let us know ... Ready, Set, Go.... http://www.lifehack.org/articles/lifestyle/which-personality-type-are-you.html