One of my favorite motorcycle groups is the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association. This is truly one club that you can't just join; unless you have been in combat and shot at. Quite the prerequisite isn't it.  Now, they are seeking ALL veteran clubs and organizations for a big yearly event starting in 2014.

The CVMA event, called "All Vets Run" is scheduled for May 17th, 2014 here in Northern Colorado.

The goal for the CVMA Iron Plains 3-4 Chapter is to get as many veterans organizations together to be a large joint venture and work together to have an annual event for vets every year to start the summer off.

If your organization would like to be co sponsor’s with this event please contact Oiler.  All money collected would be divided equally to sponsor’s so they can donate to their own organizations they support.

It sounds like a great idea to me and a great opportunity for all branches to come together, as one, and help those who need a little extra.