My wife and I have two Manx cats.  They are litter-mates, but they couldn't be more different.  Chudley is the yellow (Some say orange) long-haired boy.   Morgan is the black short-haired girl.  Jenny and I consider them our children and we love them both the same!

Just like dogs, they both come when they are called.  When the doorbell rings, they run to the door. If you visit our house, they believe you are there to see them.

Morgan has one goal in life:

  1. To eat. If she get too full, she will throw up and eat some more.  Yes, we have a cat with an eating disorder.

Chudley has 3 goals in life:

  1. To be loved.  He can never-ever-ever get enough petting.
  2. To go outside. If he can't be petted, he wants to go outside. Then he wants the neighbors to pet him. He will chase you if you don't stop to give his head a good scratching!
  3. To sleep. Being loved and going outside takes it out of you.