Have you ever really wanted a tattoo, but weren't sure if you would still like it in ten years? Well, you could always go to the gas station and get one of those temporary tattoos, but most of them are of unicorns and roses. So, of you want to try on a tattoo of something a bit more cool? How about a bed bug tattoo

Yes, those bed bugs!

A Colorado State University student who studies bed bugs and is teaching dogs how to sniff them out had a problem. The bed bugs she keeps on hand need to eat, and they like to snack on humans.

Her solution? To let her bed bugs snack on willing CSU students who want "temporary bed bug tattoos." All you do is hold a mason jar filled with bed bugs on your arm for about twenty minutes. The design comes from openings in a mesh screen stretched across the mouth of the jar. A person's immune cells will flood into their tissues from the blood, producing redness and swelling — aka the tattoo.

Although it sounds nasty, it is safe as bed bugs can't pass blood-born diseases to humans.