As an alumnus of Colorado State University, I've always known that being "green" means more than painting your face for a football game.  I was surrounded by sustainability efforts during all four years of my time there.  So I gotta say, I'm thrilled that the rest of the country has taken notice as well!

The Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Reporting System (STARS) gave CSU the highest score ever reported among national colleges and universities for its sustainability efforts across campus.

CSU scored 83.48 out of 100 possible points to earn a “gold” rating.  Of the 300 universities that participate in STARS, only 18 percent have achieved gold, the system’s second highest ranking. (No university has ever earned platinum, the highest ranking.)

CSU's sustainability efforts since 2011 include recycling hundreds of thousands of pounds of food waste, adding a minor in global environmental sustainability, and completing 11 buildings, renovations and/or expansions certified by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

It's times like this I'm glad I haven't left Fort Collins.  There's way too much good around here to pass up.  Way to go, my Alma Mater!