There's something about a  championship series that gets my blood pumping. Takes me back to the 80's.

There really isn't a better time machine than a school sporting game. It doesn't matter if its football, basketball or volleyball, times rewinds and you're in the prime of your youth again.

I can remember our Chaska Hawks and how fantastic they were (and are). There was nothing more exciting than watching a game with friends. It was a time before carrying about who was running for president, before paying bills and long before worrying about menopause. I watched the game live online and felt like a kid. I never get that feeling with professional sports.

I want to thank CSU for bringing back my memories and helping me to glimpse into my youth. You are only as old as you feel and thanks to the boys basketball team this week, I feel pretty darned young.  And that feels good!

  • The Rams used only 8 players until the last 1:18
  • This was the fist dance between Rams and Racers
  • The Rams held the Racers off going into the half
  • Next year they will only lose two players (senior that will graduate)
  • The Rams have only advanced past the opening round twice in 1969 and 1989
  • CSU boy basketball season wraps up with a 20-12 season.