Larimer Humane Society

IF I didn't have 2 big cat hating dogs, I'd have a barn cat or 2 and they could
just vomit outside.  OR I could find out more about a new drug called maropitant
or Cerenia R at the CSU veterinary teaching hospital.  Potentially eligible cats for
the study must have:

• Stable chronic kidney disease (not currently hospitalized or experiencing complications)
• No other significant concurrent disease
• Creatinine – a measure of kidney health - between 2.0 and 5 mg/dl
• A picky appetite

We believe that this medication could improve the appetite of cats who are ‘picky’ eaters due to their chronic kidney disease, it has desirable effects for cats including significant
anti-vomiting properties"  Dr. Jessica Quimby, who is conducting the study.

See the Press Release.