Through the years I've called on CSU Vets to help my sick or wounded horses.  They are
on call 24/7 and have never let me down.

For example, July 21st was the Sunday morning I found my 2-year-old fillies' leg ripped open just above the fetlock.  Since then Dr. Bass and his crew of vet students have been tending to Volare's wound.  I think today will be the 5th time they've come out to cut away proud flesh to make room for the skin grow back. OK, yuk...but she's slowly healing.

Susan Moore, TSM                                Volare 08.11.13

              UPDATE....the poultice in her wrap was raw honey and meat tenderizer...WOW

Volare's Wound 10.03.13

Besides excellent care, I believe the vet students' attitudes have been key to my horses recovery, not only with the treatment, but in the energy they bring to my barn.  Each student is polite, curious, and happy to be doing the work he or she is passionate about.
It's a joy to be in the company of these bright kids.

Susan Moore, TSM                  Dr. Bass showing us how to tie a colt's legs for gelding

The pink stuffed pony has entertained many babies and a is useful teaching aid (?)

Keeping a young horse stalled is a challenge, but we have moved the the round pen under shade trees so Volare can see her buddies, all are Arabian horses.