Sure, that title there doesn't say Creedence Clearwater Revival, it says Creedence Clearwater Revisted. So it's not the same CCR we have come to know, but it is still CCR. The revisited version of CCR doesn't have the Fogerty brothers, but does feature the other two original CCR members. Tonight they bring the songs we have come to love off the more than 26 million albums they have sold to the Greeley Stampede. 

In a nutshell, John Fogerty who was the lead guitarist and vocalist for the original CCR took all control and credit for everything they ever did. It didnt take long for that to cause the band to breakup, actually they only lasted five years (1967–1972). Following a relatively lengthy period of musical inactivity, drummer Doug Clifford and bass player Stu Cook formed Creedence Clearwater Revisited in 1995 with several well-known musicians. Revisited toured globally performing the original band's classics. John Fogerty's 1997 injunction forced 'CCRev' to change to 'Cosmo's Factory', but the courts later ruled in Cook's and Clifford's favor.

In 2011 John Fogerty admitted he would consider reuniting with Cook and Clifford in the future, but they both said that time had past and it wouldn't happen.

So for now we have Creedence Clearwater Revisited. They will take the stage at the Greeley Stampede tonight with 80's rockers Great White opening the show. Get more info here.