I have to get this off my chest. I think that the fact that a potential employer can check you credit rating before offering you a job is flat out criminal. More and more companies are doing this and it is keeping hard working people who need income from getting the jobs they need and deserve.

Common sense is getting more and more uncommon. If you have debt, you need income to pay those debts. When you apply for a job you are not applying for credit. You do not owe the prospective employer a debt so why should they be able to check your credit. That is a violation of personal privacy. It has no bearing on if you are a good worker or not.

So you go in for an interview and the employer says, "we can't hire you because you have too much debt." Well can you hire me so I can make the money to pay my bills?" "No, you have to pay off your debts before we can hire you." Doesn't it sound like a "Who's On First" skit? Are you supposed to illegally obtain money to pay your debts and then try to get or a job or does it make more sense to hire someone who needs the paycheck and will bust their tail to make it?

I am mad as hell and I ain't gonna take it anymore.  We need to make common sense more common. This is flat out ridiculous. If you are an employer who does this, please stop the madness.