I had never seen one before and still don't believe it now, what do you think this is?

D Dennison-TSM

You have got to love my friend Taylor, she is the most adorable person without even knowing it. We once had a soup cook-off, she looked at my soup and said, "you made the noodles"? I said yes and she replied, "everything in my soup is from a can"! We laughed hysterically, but if truth be told her soup was awesome, I don't really know or want to know the sodium count of even a half of a serving, but anyway, it was good. (you do know that I have high blood pressure and began cooking  my own sauces, soups and more because of that, right?)

So, to the point, we had another one of our food parties at Holly and Nicks and this time we all 'cooked' together rather than compete. We taught ourselves some things about some of our favorites foods and attempted to do it, Taylor brought this contraption, she says her grandma bought her, any clues to what it is? (no, I did not know, but it did slightly remind me of the old cookie dough thingy)

I'm taking guesses, there isn't a prize, but this is funny and it might take awhile to figure it out, Google might help. Ready set start guessing! (the real answer coming tomorrow morning-but don't let that stop you from telling everyone what it is) Put your guess in the comment section below.