I got a new truck from Craig Morgan today! I have received a lot of gifts in my career but this is first for me. I have given away many trucks during my 20 plus years at K99 but have always wondered how cool it would be to have someone do that for me. I now know.

When I got to work today I opened my mail and found a cool gift from Craig Morgan. Record companies are always doing unique things to try to get us to play their songs. They come up with promotional items to send to radio stations to try to get in our brains and leave an imprint. I got a jar of sand from The Band Perry to promote "All My Life", a can cozy from Billy Currington that says "Beer is Good" to promote "People Are Crazy" and many other neat things but this truck rules. I can't wait to take it home and play with it with my grandson. Thank you Craig. I hope your next song is about cash or bacon.