There are many definitions of 'deplorable.' This story though, in my humble opinion, defines the word. As a parent, this will turn your stomach.

This 'deplorable' story comes to us today from Ohio.

It seems as though this 'deplorable' couple have returned their adopted son to the county after nine years because of behavioral issues. The couple now face a reckless abandonment charge by a prosecutor who is said to have,

...little patience for the situation - Butler County Prosecutor Michael Gmose

The parents of the year, Cleveland and Lisa Cox, had adopted their son as an infant but when the 9-year old refused help for his aggressive behavior, they loaded him up and took him back to social services.


Would they have done this with their own natural born son?  Did they not think there might be problems with their adopted son down the road?  And what parent just lets their child dictate whether they will get help or not.  When you love someone, you do whatever is necessary to get through whatever issue is at hand.


The case will now go before a Grand Jury and they will decide if the parents get to officially abandon their adopted child or face a $1000 fine and 6 months in jail. Earlier this year, a woman was ordered to pay child support for her adopted 7-year old when she put the child on a plane, alone, back to Russia.