Today is the opening of the movie Country Strong. I am looking forward to seeing this big time. I am always interested in movies about the music industry and particularly about country music. From 'Honky Tonk Man' with Clint Eastwood to Coal Miner's Daughter with Sissy Spacek to 'Pure Country' with George Strait and of course 'Walk the Line' and most recently 'Crazy Heart', Hollywood has tried to tell a country singer's story. Gwyneth Paltrow does all her own singing and does a very nice job with it too, the soundtrack is very good. Tim McGraw keeps proving to me that is actually a very good actor. He was excellent in 'The Blindside' and can't wait to see him in this one. I thought George Strait was cool as ice in 'Pure Country' and would love to see George do another movie too but the one country singer who I always felt would have made a great silver screen western star was  Chris LeDoux. I remember interviewing Chris years ago and asked him if he ever considered doing a cowboy movie and he said he just didn't feel he was the Hollywood type which is exactly why I think he would have been perfect. He had the natural good looks and charm and class of a real cowboy because he was a real cowboy. Although we never will get to see Chris in a movie, I think Hollywood really should consider doing a movie on the life of Chris LeDoux. He was a world champion rodeo cowboy, who would sell his records and tapes from the back of his truck. I remember working at a record store in Bismarck, North Dakota and whenever Chris would rodeo in that area he would bring his records. He was always a huge hit in the rodeo circuit but when Garth mentioned him in his debut hit 'Much Too Young' in 1989 things took off professionally for him. The rest of the world finally saw what thousands already knew...this guy was the real deal. We lost Chris way too young on March 9th 2005 but his music lives on, in fact tonight, his band Western Underground will be playing at the Grizzly Rose in Denver, keeping the legend and his music alive. I will go see Country Strong this weekend and enjoy the story of country singer until the movie I really want to see is made.